Handi-Capables Club

Assisting one Another

To Remain Active and Happy!


We are a non-profit organization for people with handicaps and others interested in assisting one another in remaining active and useful thus leading fuller and happier lives in Sun City West.  Our main function takes place at Beardsley pool on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday mornings from 9:00 – 10:00 a.m.  The pool is reserved exclusively for our members doing water exercises (for those less handicapped) and practicing water therapy.

We are ALL VOLUNTEERS except for the licensed physical therapist & the assistance physical therapist who works with those who are unable to do the exercises, therefore needing special help and attention. She also teaches some of our members, volunteer helpers or an individual’s spouse how to assist with those who need personal attention.

The spouse or companion of a handicapped member needing special assistance is required to remain during the duration of the class to provide those services, since there are limitations as to what our volunteers can do in the pool.

We have wheelchairs at the pool area which are used to transport individuals into and out of the pool. Others use the stairs or the ramp as their abilities dictate. Shower stalls are equipped with grab bars, and there are large dressing rooms for members who physically are not able to use the regular locker rooms.

The annual dues for our club are $25.00 per person. This small amount defrays the cost of postage, printing, etc. Donations by church groups and individuals plus additional cost per individual receiving one on one treatment by the therapist to cover her salary, wheelchair repairs and other minor expenses.

We have a Board consisting of a slate of officers elected annually, and committee chairpersons. We have regular club meetings several times a year which includes four social events. These social events include general business, lunch, entertainment and information of interest to our membership.

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