How to Join

The Handicapables Club of Sun City West is a Chartered Club of the Sun City West Recreation Centers. Membership is limited to current SCW Recreation Card Holders.

We meet every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 9:00 am to 10:00 am at the Beardsley Pool. Dues are $25 per year plus we offer a plan for those who want individual treatment from our Physical Therapist, Dawn. We offer low impact water exercises conducted during the hour with the assistance of a certified Physical Therapist whom also provides individual therapy to those who wish to sign up for personalized treatment. We suggest you check with your doctor to make sure this program is compatible with your medical condition.

Meetings are held at several times a year, which are usually done as a social event open to all members and their guests. We are an open group supportive of each other and you are invited to come two times as a guest and see for yourself.

                                                                                       CLUB TICKET PRICES

                                     Quantity                                                                                                            Cost

                                One Day Class                                                                                                     $5.00
                     4 Classes (30 Day exp)                                                                                                 $16.00
                     8 Classes (45 Day exp)                                                                                                 $24.00
                     16 Classes (60 Day exp)                                                                                               $36.00
                     24 Classes (90 Day exp)                                                                                               $48.00